Willow Class: Welcome to Willow, we are Year 3 and are taught by Mr Oyston. Miss James and Miss Murphy help to support our learning.

Sycamore Class: Welcome to Sycamore, we are Year 4 and are taught by Miss Milne. Mrs Bromyard helps to support our learning.

Oak Class: Welcome to Oak. We are Year 5 and are taught by Mrs Edwards and Mrs Herbert. Mrs Wint helps to support our learning.

Mighty Oaks: Welcome to Mighty Oaks. We are Year 6 and are taught by Miss Lee and Mr Fairbrother. Miss Devine helps to support our learning.

In KS2 we are independent, resilient learners who love challenges. We enjoy working collaboratively as a team and are critical friends to each other when offering advice suggesting how to improve our work, always striving to be better than our best!


Year 3 Target Maps:                                                                       Year 4 Target Maps:

Reading  |  Writing  |  Maths                                                                Reading  |  Writing  |  Maths


Year 5 Target Maps:                                                                       Year 6 Target Maps:

Reading  |  Writing  |  Maths                                                            Reading  |  Writing  |  Maths